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CenterPointe Energy Fined $10,000

The FCC imposed a penalty of $10,000 against CenterPointe Energy for failing to have the required antenna structure lighting on the tower. The FAA was also notified of the light outage. According to the Forfeiture Order, “CenterPoint does not dispute the violations, but requests a forfeiture reduction based on certain staffing issues and a purported history of compliance with the Commission’s rules.

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Why Concealment Companies Are Big on Small Cells

By Cindy Wishart of STEALTH

Big screen televisions notwithstanding, the natural order of electronic things appears to be miniaturization. Look to the past and recall the incredible shrinking radio, stereo, computer and, of course, the cellular phone. It is no surprise to note that small cell infrastructure has become a really big topic in wireless.

3 Reasons American Tower Corp.’s Stock Could Rise

Anders Bylund of The Motley Fool, a multimedia financial-services company, explains why AMT’s stock price could rise. “American Tower investors have many reasons to believe in continued growth. Here are three of the biggest reasons to get excited about American Tower today.

NAB Challenges FCC on Incentive Auction

It’s no secret that members of the broadcasting community are upset with the FCC rule regarding the broadcast spectrum incentive auction order that was published in May 2014. In a petition published on August 18th, the National Association of Broadcasters challenged the FCC decision to change the methodology used to predict local television coverage areas and population served, which could result in significant loss of viewership of broadcast TV stations after the FCC “repacks” TV stations into a shrunken TV band.