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Deutsche Telekom May Not Sell After All

Despite tentative offers for T-Mobile, Deutsche Telekom may not be interested in selling their shares of the U.S.’s fourth largest mobile carrier for at least another year. Reuters reported that Deutsche Telekom fears the sole current suitor for the U.S. firm will fail to come through with a sufficiently attractive offer. Iliad, the French telecom company, has a mid-October deadline to up their $33 a share bid for 56.6% of T-Mobile.

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High-Speed Mobile Broadband Requires High-Speed Mobile Buildout

After the FCC announced there would be a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding wireless infrastructure at the October 17 meeting, PCIA President and CEO Jonathan Adelstein expressed the association’s excitement that the FCC continues to make wireless infrastructure deployments easier. “PCIA is thrilled that FCC leadership and staff continues its critical work to streamline the rules and regulations surrounding the much-need expansion and upgrading of America’s wireless infrastructure this fall.

COWs on Display at Texas State Fair

Along with the livestock display, there will be COWs at the State Fair of Texas provided by AT&T to boost network coverage. AT&T has brought in nine COWs to help increase backhaul and Wi-Fi coverage. “We notice year over year, there’s an increase in demand with the number of devices and the amount of data for each device,” Tracy Zavelson, director of AT&T’s antenna solutions group told the Dallas Business Journal, adding that AT&T monitors capacity demand 24/7 at events such as the fair.

Tower Will Be Nightmare for New Jersey Neighborhoods

Who knew a tower could be so scary? The residents of the West Deptford Township in New Jersey believe that the potential location for a T-Mobile tower will be a nightmare for three neighborhoods. David Sileo filed a lawsuit against the carrier in 2010 to contest the proposed location one month after the zoning board approved the variance for the 156-foot tower. The tower would be located a few hundred feet from his home and since the filing of that lawsuit, there has been a long, drawn-out legal battle regarding the tower.