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American Tower Buys in Brazil

American Tower, who already owns over 6,900 towers in Brazil, is the buyer of Telecom Italia’s Brazilian unit as of Friday. This transaction is worth R$3 billion ($1.2 billion), according to Seeking Alpha. The deal, where AMT would be acquiring the 6,480 towers, was announced during Telecom Italia’s board meeting. According to Eric Johnsa at Seeking Alpha, the towers are expected to produce R$435 million/year ($171 million/year) in revenue, and R$191 million/year ($75 million/year) in gross margin. TIM has agreed to 20-year leases for the towers, and will act as their anchor tenant.

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Tower Live After Years of Legal Battles

It’s always satisfying when a project that has taken years is finally complete. That’s what Verizon Wireless experienced in Penn Valley, Nevada, after their 48-foot tower was finally activated. “This new cell site improves coverage and capacity in the Penn Valley area, including the communities of Lake Wildwood, Penn Valley and portions of Highway 20,” Heidi Flato, a spokeswoman for Verizon Wireless told The Union. “Coverage spans north to Bitney Springs Road, south to Black Forest Road, and west to Highway 20 to the Nevada/Yuba county line.”

Commissioners Reject Deal and Move Tower

The Athens County Commissioners in Ohio had some decision to make after Sam Grim proposed to renew his tower lease with the county in exchange for a woodburner and a generator. However, the Commissioners turned him down and are now considering moving the tower, which could cost up to $200,000. Even though the proposed deal would have been legal, 911 Director Dan Pfeiffer recommended moving the tower anyways due to the county’s rocky relationship with Grim, Athens Ohio Today reported.

911 Upgrades Require $200,000

The Northumberland County Commissioners in Pennsylvania voted last week to approve the payment of $200,000 for enhancements made to four tower sites. These four towers failed a structural analysis because they were unable to hold the weight of additional antennas required to improve the communications system, according to the News Item. These upgrades are part of the federally mandated program that provides improved 911 services for the entire country.