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Twelfth Tower Fatality of 2014

Unfortunately, a man fell 100 feet from a cell phone tower yesterday morning in Greene County, Tennessee. The man’s identity has not yet been released, but he was pronounced dead at the scene. This marks the twelfth tower fatality of 2014. “We don’t have any information. All we know is that he is from out of town,” EMS Director Robert Sayne told the Greenville Sun. “As far as the cause, we have no idea.”


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Telecom Moves to Cuba

After President Obama’s announcement on Wednesday that the United States’ relations with Cuba were changing, the U.S. government said it will now allow telecommunications companies to set up equipment and other infrastructure projects needed to begin phone and Internet services in Cuba. While it’s hard for some of us to go an hour without our phones, the Cuban people have very limited telecommunications services offered to them. The statement from the White House explains, “Telecommunications providers will be allowed to establish the necessary mechanisms, including infrastructure, in Cuba to provide commercial telecommunications and internet services, which will improve telecommunications between the United States and Cuba.”


MasTec Lowers 2015 Expectations

MasTec announced that they are lowering their 2015 expectations due to potential lower oil prices and expected lower levels of wireless project activity. The company announced their 2015 expectations in October of up to $5.4 billion, whereas now the company estimated 2015 revenue of $5 billion. The company explained, “While the Company has not experienced any significant delays or cancellations of pipeline, or related oil and gas facilities projects, the company believes that it is prudent to moderate its 2015 expectations for its Oil & Gas segment.


Update on 2015 Wireless Capex

In the article above, MasTec notes they are lowering their 2015 revenue expectations because of possible reduced levels of wireless project activity, after an announcement from the “major customer.” It’s likely that the major customer they are referring to is AT&T, as they are the only carrier to announce a cut in their 2015 spending. Last month, AT&T said they were cutting their 2015 capex by $1 billion; while Verizon made it clear that they would not be cutting their spending. The move by AT&T, which subsequently affected a number of their vendors including MasTec, begs the question, “why cut infrastructure spending when data demand continues to skyrocket?”