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Network Investment = Customer Satisfaction

The wireless tower industry is on fire right now for one reason: Carriers are battling for first place customer service in the minds of Americans who want speedy networks. data plans. and vast coverage. The four major customer-centric carriers have been upgrading their networks and enhancing their infrastructure to continue attaining quality and growth.

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AT&T Slows Spending, T-Mobile Picks Up the Slack

T-Mobile has been shaking the wireless industry up, so it’s not surprising that while AT&T slows their spending T-Mobile is moving full-speed ahead. “Right now T-Mobile is continuing to spend and continuing to build out their network, so they’re as busy as ever,” Blair Bode, Vice President at recruiting specialist Kineticom, told RCR Wireless.

Glendale Council Members Work With CCI to Market Cell Towers

It’s not a common occurrence when members of the city council are exciting about working with a cell tower company; however, in Glendale, California that’s exactly what is happening. The town will be working with Crown Castle International to actively market public buildings to telecommunications companies searching for locations to install cell towers.

Temporary Tower Brings Town Cell Service For Now

The residents of Mitchell, Oregon haven’t had cell service in their town until now. However, the reception is only temporary. The town, which has a population of 130 or so, is in such a rural area that there isn’t a tower close enough to connect with. The Waterman Complex fire camp has requested the use of a Cell on Wheels (COW) by Verizon so the firefighters can contact their loved ones at home.