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Deutsche Telekom AG Open to Negotiations

At a strategy meeting last week in Berlin, Deutsche Telekom AG senior managers discussed that they would be open to negotiating with companies who proposed paying $35 to $40 a share for T-Mobile. Senior managers feel this is a realistic range, and an offer at this price could trigger talks. B

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T-Mobile Moving On Up

It was no surprise that Verizon landed at the top of J.D. Power’s recent analysis of network quality. The shocker was that T-Mobile has moved into the number-two slot in two of J.D. Power’s six regions. The network upgrades the company has been working on paid off, as the company has started challenging AT&T for the number two ranking in some key places.

Verizon Rumors on the Go

Rumors are floating around that Verizon Wireless might be interested in making a bid for Gogo Inc., a provider for in-flight broadband Internet service and other connectivity services. John Seward of Benzinga, a financial media outlet, reported that this is an unlikely acquisition because of technological, regulatory, and practical hurdles.

Are REITs the Way to Go?

By Jen Koester, an insider at Lease Advisors.

Windstream Holdings, Inc. has plans to convert its copper, fiber and other fixed real estate assets into an independently publicly traded real estate investment trust, otherwise known as REIT.  With the IRS’s approval, Windstream will be able to save around $100 million a year in income taxes, which will significantly reduce its current debt.  You may be wondering, what exactly is a REIT?