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Georgia Town Denies Tower Despite Possible Lawsuit

Even though the state government in Georgia made huge strides for the wireless community a few months ago making it easier for cell tower companies to construct towers, some towns are still doing what they can to keep towers out. In Convington, Georgia, Mayor Ronnie Johnston cast the final vote on Monday to deny a proposal from TowerCom to construct a 199-foot cell tower.

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Vodaphone Looks to Boost Capacity at Cell Towers

Vodafone, the U.K-based telecom giant is working with the computer science department of Imperial College in London to test whether small data centers placed directly at mobile cell towers can boost data services to data-hungry consumers, The Wall Street Journal reported. “Currently, smartphones communicate with carrier networks’ radio towers through radio signal, which is then sent to the carriers’ data server centers.

Emergency Communications Tower Replaced After Three Weeks

In Columbia County, New York the main 911 cell tower was struck by lightning, causing $50,000 worth of equipment damage about three weeks ago. The county lost connectivity to their sites on June 25th.  911 emergency dispatchers still managed to maintain contact with local fire departments, rescue squads and the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office throughout the night by operating off of a mobile command unit.

Nebraska City Says “No” To Temporary Cell Tower

The Planning Commission in Sidney, Nebraska voted against allowing a temporary cell tower in a residential neighborhood. Viaero Wireless requested a CUP (Conditional Use Permit) to build a temporary cell tower in back of a vacant lot just north of the local bowling alley. “Viaero Wireless as have the other cell phone carriers have experienced a dramatic increase in traffic as we’ve introduced high speed data services to the point where we’re having to add auxiliary towers in virtually all of our markets, including Sidney,” said Henry Jacobsen, a representative from Viaero.