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A Court Call for AT&T

At first glance this might not look like it is cell tower related but when a tower becomes congested and there’s not another site nearby to offload traffic, the cell connection slows down. The Federal Trade Commission says that AT&T’s practice of slowing down the connection speeds of unlimited-data customers who tap excessive amounts of data is a failure to deliver on the promise of “unlimited.” AT&T claims these allegations are “baseless” and that they have been open about their network management policies.

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American Tower Reports Third Quarter Earnings

American Tower Corporation reported their third quarter earnings yesterday morning. Jim Taiclet, American Tower’s Chief Executive Officer stated, “Our combined domestic and diversified international portfolio delivered nearly 12% Organic Core Growth in the third quarter. Consumer adoption of increasingly advanced mobile devices and services, which ultimately drives our organic growth, continues unabated in both the U.S. and in our other served markets. In our latest analysis of the individual factors that correlate to American Tower’s U.S. organic growth rates, the increase in the amount of total mobile data traffic emerged as the number one driver.

Verizon Looks to Build Tower Outside Indiana Jail

Verizon and Horvath Communications approached the Shelby County Board of Commissioners in Indiana, about constructing a new radio tower outside of the county jail. When Verizon first started to look at locations in the county, they checked out the downtown area and then settled on an existing structure outside the jail used by the county sheriff, emergency medical services, and the fire department. Verizon then brought out a structural engineer to see if the tower could support the equipment. The report came back saying the tower would fail if the equipment was placed on it.

5 Bars Communities Selected to Improve Safety on California Road

The San Joaquin Hills Transportation Corridor Agency’s 73 Toll Road in California has selected 5 Bars Communities to be their chief wireless consultant in their upcoming project to improve safety by enhancing wireless technology on the road. 5 Bars Communities will develop a Wireless Master Plan for the 73 Toll Road. The scope of the project includes pinpointing the existing coverage of the major wireless carriers, gaps in coverage, and the development of a comprehensive plan to ensure continuity of connectivity throughout the 15-mile toll road.