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Back to Work!

Construction resumed on the new emergency communications system after workers “de-watered” a radio station tower construction site in Jacksonville, North Carolina. The subcontractor for the project had to remove water where three concrete cylinders sank 80 feet into the saturated soil. The project was put on hold at the beginning of April when portions of an adjacent conservation area were deforested and the hillside swamp was punctured and possibly drained.

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Ohio Town Can’t Stop Neighboring Cell Tower

Local leaders in Johnstown, Ohio, are looking for ways to prevent a nearby cell tower from affecting their residents. The Village of Johnstown doesn’t have much say in the matter because the proposed tower is going to be built on property owned by the Johnstown Youth Athletic Association (JYAA), which lies just outside of village boundaries. Mayor Sean Staneart found out the JYAA board was considering a vote on leasing land for the tower as early as last week, and rushed to ask the board to postpone the decision. His efforts bought the village a couple of weeks to consider options, he explained.

Doppler Debate Develops

In Avon, Connecticut, television station WFSB-TV is expected to sue the local planning and zoning commission for rejecting plans to place a Doppler weather radar system on top of Avon Mountain. At the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting in May, Meredith Corporation doing business as WFSB-TV, owner/applicant, requested Site Plan Approval to replace a communications tower and add a Doppler Radar weather system to Avon Mountain.

Lease Advisors Partners with InSite Wireless to Promote Growth

Lease Advisors, a cellular lease acquisition firm, announced they have entered into a partnership with InSite Wireless Group, a privately held U.S. tower company, to expand services and promote continued growth. “We are excited to have the opportunity to work with InSite,” said Jarred Saba, CEO of Lease Advisors.