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High Prices at Auction Make Tower Sale Likely

Verizon has announced that they are open to selling their tower assets, assuming the price is right. But with the AWS-3 spectrum auction still going on, currently in stage four, and having raise over $44 billion, it’s safe to assume the winners will come out owning a handful of spectrum with a hefty price tag. Bloomberg recently reported that Verizon Communications will likely top bidders in the auction to satiate their data-hungry users. Analysts at New Street Research have estimated Verizon’s bid to be as high as $20 billion, which will be added to Verizon’s current $107.6 billion long-term debt.


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T-Mobile Tower Contract Terminated

T-Mobile’s contract with the DeKalb County School System in Georgia has been terminated. The contract would have allowed T-Mobile to construct a tower at Briarlake Elementary School. In 2011, when the School Board first approved T-Mobile proposal to build towers at several elementary schools, chaos abounded. Parents and community members were against the towers being placed on school property. They formed a group called “No Briarlake Tower” and hired an attorney. When the School Board ultimately ended up siding with the group, and refused to grant T-Mobile a permit to construct the monopole at Briarlake Elementary School, the company filed suit in federal court.


AT&T Able to Make Tower Lease Modifications

The Thomasville City Council in North Carolina unanimously agreed to allow AT&T to make changes to the cell tower lease. A few years ago, AT&T purchased cell equipment from North State Telephone that was located on the Commerce Street water tank, and the lease included of a lease to ground space area, electrical cabinet, and three antennas place on the tank. However, after the City of Thomasville approved a lease for Verizon to co-locate equipment on the same water tank, AT&T requested a modification to their lease. Verizon’s equipment was found to block AT&T’s antennas so the two companies agreed AT&T would move their equipment, and then the company would be able to add six more antennas.


County Asked to Approved Funding for Three Towers

The Madison County Council in Indiana will consider whether to approve funding for three new towers that will provide radio coverage throughout the county. The cost of these new towers will be about $750,000, but the Council will consider issuing an $8.5 million bond to pay for the new radio systems for all public safety agencies to consolidate the dispatch center services. Currently, the system covers 38% of the county, but with the three additional towers, the 90% of the area would be covered.


Mon, January 26, 2015

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