123.Net Wireless Tower Added For Business Progression


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Within the last month, 123.Net has added a wireless tower to its family in a industrial park in Farmington Hills, Michigan. The headquarters are located in Southfield, Michigan. 123.Net has provided voice, data and co-location infrastructure services to enterprises, carriers and ISPs in Michigan for more than 20 years. The business is privately owned and managed by Daniel Irvin, Ryan Duda and James Kadler.
The goal of adding the new wireless tower in the industrial park includes the aim of providing greater capability and bandwidth to local businesses. Jim Hart, 123.Net’s director of wireless is happy to be helping the area with the high demand of wireless. “123.Net continues to invest in new infrastructure to support increased demand for high speed fixed wireless that has resulted from the growing need for fast reliable service.”
The team hopes to be able to continue to span wireless towers throughout the state. Currently the company has 53 towers throughout Michigan. In 2015, five sites have been added. Hart expects another 10 wireless sites to launch within the next year. “We’re always looking for new opportunities to support Michigan businesses with enhanced [wireless tower] coverage,” Hart said.
Earlier this year, 123.Net launched the Detroit Internet Exchange (DET-IX) to further establish Michigan’s internet infrastructure and bring faster speeds, greater bandwidth and lower costs for service providers across the state,” said 123.Net. Its service offers speeds up to 2 gbps on secure links which include faster download and data speeds as well as enhanced voice coverage.