9,000 New Sprint Sites


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S4GRU, an online news outlet dedicated to track Sprint’s 4G WiMax deployment, recently reported that Sprint will be expanding their network and adding compatible sites to its network. Last week the company commenced a $1 billion underwritten public offering of senior notes, and they plan to use the net proceeds for general corporate purposed and network expansion/modernization. S4GRU has had Sprint insiders come to them about CEO Marcelo Claure hinting at network expansion, but now they have learned that Sprint will expand the network with 9,000 new sites. “The purpose of these 9,000 new sites is to expand coverage into new markets, add critical rural coverage where high roaming occurs, capture lost coverage from the shutdown of the old Nextel iDEN network, extend coverage to new suburban areas, and densify the network within existing coverage,” S4GRU reported. “With the useable area of Sprint’s low frequency spectrum in the SMR 800 band about to expand even to the border areas, thus allowing nationwide coverage, the buildout of new markets and new rural areas has never been more practical or obtainable to Sprint. Allowing for new areas to have a less tight buildout requirement in site density in small towns and along highways and increase signal strength indoors in cities. The new management of Sprint sees this as the point at which they can move forward and accomplish these once seemingly lofty goals.”

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