A PIM Discussion with Chris Stockman of CommScope


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As wireless service providers deploy more frequency bands on towers, the incidence for interference increases dramatically.

While we refer to interference from radios at other cell sites as active interference, signals reflected from RF transmissions within a tower site create harmonics that are equally of concern. This type of RF interference is referred to as passive intermodulation interference or simply, PIM. PIM can originate from poor or worn cable connectors at radios or antennas.

We are finding now that PIM also can be produced from what we call “non-RF sources” such as mechanical or structural elements on or around the tower.

Chris Stockman, Product Line Manager, CommScope discusses with John Celentano, Inside Towers Business Editor the various sources of non-RF PIM and how to mitigate this type of interference problem. Hear this and much more on the podcast, available on our website, Amazon Music, Spotify and iTunes.

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