Keara Piekanski

Keara M. Piekanski, Contributing Writer, lover of words, and (self-proclaimed) marketing nerd loves to help others make marketing work.

An experienced marketer, Keara has spent the last 15 years focused on account management, team building, strategic marketing, digital marketing, and most importantly, her true passion, content curation and copywriting.

Keara has worked with businesses of assorted sizes, across various industries, in different states of maturity, and with diverse budgets, helping them engage in the right activities at the right time. Driven to help clients spend their marketing dollars wisely, Keara is committed to producing a positive return on investment when it comes to marketing activities.

Keara resides in a suburb of Philadelphia with her (patient) husband. Currently pursuing an MBA in Marketing from Villanova University, she begins each day with two things she adores – writing, which fuels her creative spirit, and coffee, which helps her pretend that she’s a morning person!