Allfasteners: All Things Fastening and Then Some


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Allfasteners began as an Australian company in 1994. Fast-forward to 2021. It’s still the top fastener distributor where it originated; but now, its footprint stretches far beyond continental borders. It has evolved into a global entity, with six branches and warehouses in the United States and clients in Latin America, the Caribbean and Italy.

Over the past few years, Allfasteners’ facilities have expanded to keep pace with demand. “We kept thinking a 100,000 square foot building sounded huge, but now we’re looking for every square foot we can get,” says Bruce Carmichael, Sales Manager. Its U.S. headquarters in Ohio is set on five acres, opportune for growth, and there are plans for additional branches in the U.S. to further service customers.

                                     From L to R: old facility, new facility in Medina, OH

Allfasteners’ mission is to, “provide quality and innovation with personalized service in the construction fastening and infrastructure markets, so that we can contribute to prosperity and the success of our staff and families.” ‘Families’ is the operative word. Being a family-owned company propagates family-oriented core values, including loyalty, synergy, trust and last but certainly not least – accountability.  “We often say that culture eats strategy for lunch,” says Carmichael.

“Starting as a small family business back in the 90’s, we had to be nimble and we had to always look for a solution for our customers,” says Mick Strange, CEO and Managing Director. “In fact, I still receive messages and well wishes from customers I dealt with nearly 30 years ago. I think that proves the commitment to always put the customer first, to be ready to innovate, solve challenges and make sure the customer has a great experience.”

How was a smaller shop able to scale so efficiently? “Industry awareness, a good core team and being agile,” is key, says Carmichael, “being close to the market and staying near to our team, who are our eyes and ears in the field and being able to respond quickly has helped us grow.” In the wireless space, things happen quickly, says Carmichael. Allfasteners started in the construction sector and began trickling into telecom by fulfilling customized customer requests, starting with cell tower modification hardware. “If somebody tells us we can’t do it, we’ll work twice as hard to get it done,” according to Carmichael. As a result, Allfasteners has diversified along the way, parallel to the industry, introducing small cell and concealment products such as the Raptor Radome, previously showcased by Inside Towers.

Carmichael anticipates the need for concealment and small cell products will continue to grow and says Allfasteners is gearing up its small cell pole production. The structures can be engineered to complement any environment and accommodate any application including 4G, 5G, or both. Mounts and platforms are also a topic for conversation and likely, a future focus.

“Allfasteners will continue to grow and expand our product offering, we are driven to expand our small cell side of the business in manufacturing poles, brackets, concealment canisters and are looking to inventory a range of tapered poles that traditionally have had very long lead times, so we can get them on site in a matter of weeks not months. We are growing our concealment side of the business, as there are more and more requests to hide and disguise antennas and towers,” says Strange.

“We keep adding solutions as the market dictates,” adds Carmichael. “Our goal is to bring a complete package, so that with one phone call, we can address all customer pain points, short of the labor.” Fortunately for customers, Allfasteners’ wide range of offerings, from tower bolts to safety climbs, are often supplementary, making it the ultimate “one-stop-shop.”

Small cell by TEP and Allfasteners at Princeton University

Allfasteners representatives have backgrounds in a variety of trades, bringing transferable insights and ideas. Many products are enhanced by in-house product development. Some of the most unique products, like the split nut, have been exclusively derived and tailor-made to solve a client challenge, with input from the field, suppliers and manufacturers.

Allfasteners stays up-to-speed on industry developments, regulations and policies through a reliable network of like-minded professionals. It’s is a proud member of NATE and holds certifications from the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and The American Welding Society.

For more information about Allfasteners’ tower and concealment products, visit


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