An Infrastructure Data Discussion with Pointivo


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‘Data analytics’ and ‘digital twins’ are becoming commonplace terms as the telecom business changes and grows. These terms refer to more and better digitized site information about towers and other wireless infrastructure. Better information means accurate details about the site structure, the installed equipment, and the condition of that equipment.

Better site information ultimately means better decision-making by tower companies and their wireless service provider customers on dispatching tower crews to install, modify, or maintain wireless equipment at any site. Capturing site data and analyzing that data is no longer just nice to have. Increasingly, such data is required as the pace and associated cost of wireless deployments picks up. New companies are undertaking the site data gathering tasks, then organizing and presenting that data in ways to support the decision making.

Join John Celentano, Inside Towers Business Editor in conversation with Dan Ciprari, co-Founder & CEO and Sam McGuire, Director of Business Development at Pointivo, a data analytics company. Hear this and much more on the podcast, available on our websiteAmazon MusicSpotify and iTunes.

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