And The 5G Spectrum Winning Bidders Are…


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The FCC announced the winners of the first two 5G spectrum auctions.

A total of thirty-three bidders won licenses in the Commission’s auction of 28 GHz licenses. Cellco Partnership, doing business as Verizon Wireless, paid the most money — $505,733,170 for 1,066 licenses in 863 markets. That was followed by US Cellular, which paid $129,404,200 for 408 licenses in 362 markets.

T-Mobile came in third, paying $ 39,288,450 for 865 licenses in 864 markets.

Bidding ended January 24, for Auction 101. The auction raised a total of $700,309,809 in net bids ($702,572,410 in gross bids), with 33 bidders winning a total of 2,965 licenses.

A total of thirty-eight bidders won licenses in the auction of 24 GHz licenses, which followed Auction 101. AT&T Spectrum Frontiers had the highest bid total, $982,468,996 for 831 licenses in 383 markets. T-Mobile had bids totaling $803,212,025 for 1,346 licenses in 400 markets and US Cellular was in third, with bids totaling $126,567,813 for 282 licenses in 102 markets. Starry Spectrum Holdings followed  with bids totaling $48,462,700 for 104 licenses in 51 markets.

Down payments for Auction 102 are due June 17. Final payments for Auction 102 are due July 1.

June 4, 2019          

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