AT&T “Smart Base” Security System Pilot Program Protects Air Force Base

The Air Force has entered a year-long preliminary pilot program agreement with AT&T to establish a perimeter network at Maxwell Air Force Base (AFB) in Montgomery, AL.

Defense Systems reports that the emerging wireless network, a DAS system, uses infrared sensors and cell phone technology utilizing SIM chips to detect intrusions, specifically on the perimeter of the military base. The system works by integrating several technologies via a single portal. And although the pilot program is being implemented on an Air Force Base, AT&T is already working with various cities and municipalities to help improve security measures.

“This demonstrates how large sensors can be deployed and used in a military installation. Video monitoring is triggered when the perimeter is breached. It uses private cloud technology along with a messaging system and alerting system,” Rocky Thurston, Air Force client executive vice president, AT&T Global Public Sector Solutions told Defense Systems.

The “smart base” system also uses facial recognition, multiprotocol label switching (MLPS), and embedded SIM-chip technology. The signals are directed through an LTE network via small five-foot towers that send and receive infrared signals. The concept behind the technology is to provide improved security via an alerting system that delivers a text message or an email to Airmen responsible for base security. This takes away the need to physically patrol the perimeter; allowing Airmen to use their time more efficiently while still maintaining security on the base.

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