Auto Compliance Test Solution Introduced By Rohde & Schwarz


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The flexibility of Automotive Ethernet makes the simple twisted-pair network technology ideal for an ever-increasing range of in-vehicle networks, says Rohde & Schwarz. The new IEEE 10BASE-T1S standard expands the range of applications supported by Automotive Ethernet to include integrating simple devices into the network.

Rohde & Schwarz says its compliance test solution available for testing device-compliance to 10BASE-T1S, is a first. The technology, for R&S RTO and R&S RTP oscilloscopes, will provide automated testing conforming to the current version of IEEE 802.3cg 10BASE-T1S interfaces. Rohde & Schwarz continues to participate in the OPEN Alliance, using its expertise to help drive the development of complete and reliable tests.

As also for other Ethernet standards, the new R&S RTO-K89 and R&S RTP-K89 compliance test software for 10BASE-T1S includes pictorial instructions to guide users through the measurements step-by-step. Both the oscilloscopes and the R&S ZND network analyzer are automatically configured. The test results will be documented in a pdf-format test report.

October 7, 2019

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