Chad Tuttle and Dinesh Bhat were friends working for different companies when they saw a need for specialized engineering services for the booming telecom industry. In 2000, they started the B+T Group with just the two of them and now have nearly 200 employees all over the country and in India, where Bhat now lives.

Today, B+T does site acquisition whether it’s for new or existing sites and do all the negotiating and navigating for simple or complex real estate transactions. They offer structural services such as civil structural, engineering on buildings and complicated tower-related engineering. Several years ago, DAS and small cells were added to their repertoire.

B+T has been about the towers since the beginning. It grew to perform thousands of tower evolutions in 30 states in 2015. The field services division does tower modifications, antenna work, everything a turnkey company does and whatever the clients need.

“As we added services through the years, many were based on client requests,” said Leigh Ann Self, director of marketing. “They like our work and give us feedback.”

The most recent service B+T started is Site360. Using photogrammetry, photos can be taken all around the site to gather centimeter-accurate information. Clients can view fully interactive and explorable images anywhere on a tower or compound. High-resolution imagery displays detail and precision so the customer can verify configurations and inventory. Use of Site360 also eliminates human error and reduces the need to climb as much.

B+T is also very training-minded, Self said. The company built three towers at its headquarters in Tulsa, Okla., and has a full-time training manager there. Employees are encouraged to learn and develop professionally. Before an employee ever climbs a client’s tower, they first have to have at least 40 hours of training on the B+T towers.