Building the Future of Wireless Through Innovation and Forward Thinking Culture


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What does ‘building the future of wireless’ mean? For North Carolina-based Essentia, it means utilizing cutting-edge technology, vast expertise, and a forward focus to deliver an integrated service operation that’s as reliable as it is innovative.

Established in 2003, Essentia knows all about critical connections. Working with almost every major U.S. carrier, Essentia provides connectivity to small cells, towers, metros, and backhaul/fronthaul/longhaul. They have completed 5,000 miles of build-to-suit projects in 42 states. Adding another notch of success to this company’s already extensive profile, Telecom Tech Outlook named Essentia a ‘Top 10 Telecom/Small Cell & DAS Company’ for 2019 and 2020.

Essentia has written the script for developing cutting-edge strategies to deliver the coverage and connectivity requirements of their customers. Their competitive advantage is multi-faceted — automation and a culture built on three “unique” characteristics ubiquitous across their workforce: speed, expertise, and trust.

The eSpeed 5G technology platform is a proprietary system built by Essentia to speed up and streamline small cell and fiber installations. This approach wraps various technologies and best practices around efficient processes, creating unparalleled efficiencies in data integrity, management, and automation— much like Uber, whose novelty lies in creating an efficient method to streamline hailing a cab. Utilizing this ground-breaking technology allows crews to capture pole site data to fast forward both the site acquisition and the A&E process. “The speed at which we can do things is 10x or greater using this platform, which decreases the project timeline by 60 to 90 days,” says Lindon Hayes, CEO and founder of Essentia.

When it comes to fiber, particularly underground, Essentia uses drones to take about 1,000 pictures per mile, cutting field engineering by 90% and CAD time in half. Harnessing eSpeed, Essentia is the only company that can accurately perform fiber field engineering remotely. Likewise for small cell, field data (photos, measurements, attachment heights, etc) is manipulated through a SCIP generator and an A&E CD generator. These generators immediately produce a SCIP and a CD for customers so they can select a candidate and move to permitting.

Essentially, it all comes down to what Essentia refers to as their ‘Project Playbook,’ a unique methodology to consistently engage and connect with key stakeholders of any installation. All project phases, including municipal and political environments, are managed by Essentia’s highly-skilled and industry-educated employees. “It became clear early on that building the right stakeholder relationships is critical to our carriers’ success,” Hayes said. “We put in the work to become trusted fixtures in the communities we serve. This is something that comes naturally to us. Over time it’s earned Essentia the reputation for being a ‘fixer’ for carriers when they’ve reached a stalemate with a municipality.”

At the core of this company’s success is its culture — a game changer internally that’s also highly impactful for carriers and partners. This ongoing effort will soon be publicly recognized with a workplace accolade whose announcement is embargoed until June.

“Our focus has been on growing a culture of highly skilled, entrepreneurial, top-flight professionals who are onboard with our vision, mission, and values,” Hayes said. “Having the right team in place is what allowed us to successfully build 5,000 miles of fiber and thousands of small cell nodes for the nation’s top carriers and tower companies.”

As 5G infrastructure development continues across the U.S., Essentia is sure to be driving progress thanks to its innovative strategies and skilled workforce.  To get more acquainted specifically with their capabilities, watch this brief video.  To learn more about Essentia, visit their website.

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