Chico, CA has four water towers in its town that Cal Water is ready to demolish – unless the Chico Heritage Association can convince them of a better reason to keep them intact, like preserving cell phone coverage.

KRCR-TV reported that Cal Water has concerns regarding the expense to maintain the obsolete structures, plus possible safety hazards and earthquake liability.

But to area residents, these towers have significant historic value. And according to Chico State Professor Michael Magliari, “They are essential to Chico’s cell phone service. All four towers, if you look closely at them, you will notice all four of them are hosting cell phone antennas, and there is a real question of what would take their place in terms of maintaining our cell phone service. The answer probably is we have to build new cell phone towers in town.”

There are programs available through the state that can help offset costs and reassess safety standards regarding these historic properties, to deter demolition. Magliari and the Chico Heritage Association are encouraging Cal Water to consider these options.

Cal Water is assessing the ideas presented by the Chico Heritage Association and will notify the community once a decision has been reached.

August 30, 2017