Carr Recognizes Tower Climber Jeremy Buckles with “5G Ready” Hard Hat


America continues to lead the world in wireless thanks to America’s tower crews, whose hard, often gritty work is critical for the buildout of 5G and other next generation infrastructure, according to FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr. The Commissioner who enjoys climbing towers has been recognizing the contributions of America’s tower techs through a series of 5G Ready Hard Hat presentations.

Carr’s first recognition went to Shama Ray. He has also made presentations to Brandon Foster, Ammon Snyder and Jessica Reich.

This week, Carr recognized another inspiring 5G worker—Jeremy Buckles. Carr climbed with Jeremy twice, first in Nevada and again in Mississippi.

When Americans turn on their smartphones, tablets, or other connected devices, they expect them to work. They’re not thinking about the tower climbs, fiber splices, and other infrastructure work that it takes to power all of that connectivity. So I think it is important to recognize the valuable jobs that tower techs and telecom crews accomplish every day,” Carr said.

Jeremy, he emphasized: “epitomizes the best of the best of America’s tower industry. He is a perfect example of the opportunities available for talented, skilled, and dedicated tower climbers. He began his career in this industry as a tower climber at a small company.”

Now, Jeremy is based in the Denver area and oversees the International Department of Safety for a global infrastructure company across 15 countries. “This demonstrates the upward mobility that is available in this industry for those that work hard and smart,” said Carr.

“Jeremy also works to ensure that workers in this industry are safer each and every day. I am proud to recognize Jeremy for his achievements with this 5G Ready Hard Hat Presentation,” Carr noted.


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