Carrier and Residents Point Fingers at Each Other for Poor Coverage


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The state of cell service in an urban area of Virginia is shocking some residents. Henrico residents who use Verizon Wireless have noticed more calls are dropping. They also have little service, even from their homes in portions of the West End and Tuckahoe. WRIC-TV reports service used to be perfectly fine, but now residents complain of dismal coverage. Mahood Fonville, a real estate agent living in the neighborhood, explained, “There’s a great demand for better service. We just need help from Verizon.”

Verizon agrees. A spokesperson with Verizon acknowledged the issues, but stated the problem is finding property owners willing to let them install their equipment nearby. According to a statement, the problem has been building for years “while there are viable locations to place new cell sites that would address issues, we have been challenged in finding property owners to partner with us.” Residents say they are willing to help, although some have started switching to other providers. Those that have switched say changing carriers has done little to help.

October 23, 2017

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