CBRS Auction Slows As Counties Win Bids


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The CBRS spectrum auction has now raised $4.5 billion in gross bids but the pace has slowed as winners in many key counties have been determined. As of late yesterday afternoon, only 49 counties remained in which demand for licenses exceeded supply. According to Sasha Javid of analytics firm BitPath, that accounts for only about 1.5  percent of the 3,233 counties nationwide. As of Thursday afternoon 2,048 blocks remained unsold.

In contrast, 839 counties remained unsold yesterday, meaning supply exceeded demand, according to the FCC. This occurs when the Commission receives bids for less than seven licenses. Overall, there were 2,345 counties in which demand and supply were equal which means there may have been demand for more than seven licenses, but as the auction progressed and prices rose, some bidders dropped out or dropped the number of licenses requested until a balance was reached, Javid said in his daily report.

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