2020 Susan Harwood Grant – Wireless Rooftop Deployment Training Course


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The Wireless Rooftop Deployment Training curriculum offered through NATE, announced expanded locations and dates for free classes. The program is tailored specifically to the communications infrastructure industry and includes detailed instruction on wireless rooftop deployment and safety practices workers need to know such as updates to the general industry, OSHA Walking-Working Surfaces Rule, and Fall Protection Standards. 

In addition, attendees will learn industry-specific rooftop fall protection procedures, hazard assessment protocols, antenna identification, RF awareness, RF controls and other applicable standards. Click here to register for these free courses. The course will also include information regarding employee and employer rights and responsibilities under the OSHA Act of 1970, whistleblower complaint procedures and protection provisions. 

The training includes the following topics:

  • Section 1: Introduction to NATE and OSHA
  • Section 2: State of the Industry
  • Section 3: Applicable Laws, Regulations, and Standards
  • Section 4: Potential Rooftop Hazards
  • Section 5: Hierarchy of Controls Overview
  • Section 6: Pre-task Planning and Job Hazard Assessment
  • Section 7: Radio Frequency (RF) Hazards and Mitigation
  • Section 8: Fall Protection
  • Section 9: Practical Workshop 

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