5G in Sioux Falls = $500 App Fee + $25 Permit + $175 Yearly Renewal


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Last week, a proposed licensing system for companies seeking to equip cell towers onto light poles or other publicly owned facilities was unveiled by the Sioux Falls Power and Light Division. More than 20 locations on public land across Sioux Falls are being targeted by wireless providers as future 5G cell tower sites, according to City Hall.

The Argus Leader reported that city officials are working to establish a licensing process that would allow Verizon Wireless and other telecommunication companies to begin installing 5G micro-towers on city light poles, water towers, and buildings as early as 2019.

“Once the master license agreement is approved by the City Council via ordinance, this would allow staff to administratively approve those applications,” Parks Director Don Kearney said while addressing the Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation Board.

The licensing system will require companies to pay a $500 application fee. The staff has 60 days to determine whether the targeted site is a suitable location. If approved, the applicant would pay an additional $25 for a permit, and a yearly renewal fee of $175, reported the Leader.

The city has the authority to deny an application if they deem it too intrusive to a neighborhood, too close to an existing light pole or micro-tower, or not meeting aesthetic standards per existing zoning ordinance. Additionally, the applicant is responsible for replacing existing poles that are not strong enough to support 5G infrastructure.

The City Council is expected to cast a vote on the proposed licensing process in the coming week, reported the Leader.  Comments? Email us.

December 3, 2018

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