911 Text Option Now in Jacksonville, NC


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If a person needs emergency assistance in Jacksonville, NC, texting for help is now an option, announced the Jacksonville Public Safety Department. Texting does not replace calling for mobile phone users, it just gives the public another way to summon help. As WCTI-TV reports, new features have been added to the 911 text alerts that will make it easier to share certain information.

With a text communication, the caller can insert a photo. The upgrade will also pinpoint the caller’s location via GPS rather than using cell tower triangulation to locate the caller. However, whether a caller is reaching out by phone call or text, they should still be prepared to tell 911 responders who they are and where they are located. An advantage to texting would be the ability to remain silent while calling for help in the event of a dangerous situation.

“So, people will be able to send us photographs; they’ll be able to text us real-time and we will be able to answer those calls just the same way as a 911 call,” Jacksonville Police Chief, Mike Yaniero told WCTI-TV. “It works with the four major cell phone carriers AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon whichever jurisdiction you’re in if it’s capable of receiving the 911 to text,” he added.

Jacksonville officials noted that the texting capabilities work best within city limits, though 911 help functions throughout the region. In many cases, a phone call will still be the caller’s best option, but with the texting upgrade, it is not the only option. 

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