A Concerned Citizen Reaches Out


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Dear Editor,

There’s an aesthetic concern about the health affects (sic) of electro radiation these things put out. Would you please address the large body of research available at www.5GSummit.com and report on it to the Branson community? Other city councils around the country are doing this and some are saying No we don’t want the technology here! 

The industry is not addressing health data. The affects (sic) on children are particularly of concern!

A keynote speaker at the Summit was Dr Devra Davis of Environmental Health Trust.  I recommend her as an excellent consultant scientist. There are 41 other excellent researchers on the above website. (editor’s note: the above link did not work).

Thank you,

Betty P. (name withheld)

Concerned citizen doing homework


From: Jim Fryer

Managing Editor

Inside Towers

Hi Betty,

Thanks for your letter. I was unable to open that link. Since there are many 5G Summits I’d need to know which one. I would like to see what was said.

My initial reaction is the industry does share findings as this concern comes up at nearly every zoning meeting. The American Cancer Society, has said the following. (This is from November of 2018):

“Some people have expressed concern that living, working, or going to school near a cell phone tower might increase the risk of cancer or other health problems. At this time, there is very little evidence to support this idea. In theory, there are some important points that would argue against cellular phone towers being able to cause cancer.”

“First, the energy level of radiofrequency (RF) waves is relatively low, especially when compared with the types of radiation that are known to increase cancer risk, such as gamma rays, x-rays, and ultraviolet (UV) light. The energy of RF waves given off by cell phone towers is not enough to break chemical bonds in DNA molecules, which is how these stronger forms of radiation may lead to cancer.”

“A second issue has to do with wavelength. RF waves have long wavelengths, which can only be concentrated to about an inch or two in size. This makes it unlikely that the energy from RF waves could be concentrated enough to affect individual cells in the body.”

“Third, even if RF waves were somehow able to affect cells in the body at higher doses, the level of RF waves present at ground level is very low – well below the recommended limits. Levels of energy from RF waves near cell phone towers are not significantly different from the background levels of RF radiation in urban areas from other sources, such as radio and television broadcast stations.”  

 -American Cancer Society

Some of the concern about cell towers on school grounds, Betty, has come from the recent Ripon School District case in California. We have done extensive coverage of that story from its inception. While understandably distraught parents looked for answers, the tower industry was brought front and center. Sprint even took the tower down while it was all investigated. They have since turned their focus to the groundwater. Here’s the Modesto Bee story.

I don’t stand in front of my microwave when it’s on and recommend you don’t either. But I am not concerned when my neighbor uses theirs. There have been studies that have tried to show links between extensive cell phone usage and cancer but that was based on bombarding laboratory rats with the stuff on a constant basis. Suffice it to say, if you hold any radiowave producing entity up close to your head all day: a) you are spending way too much time on the phone and b) you are risking too much exposure to an emf-emitting device. The same is true of vacuum cleaners, TV and computer screens.

(Editor’s note 2: how would you respond to Betty? We will be happy to refer your response to her and the Branson community. Send to [email protected])

October 30, 2019

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