A Forty-Foot “Cactus” Might Blend In to Serve Adero Canyon


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The Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing and consider a special use permit from Verizon Wireless for a cell tower disguised as a saguaro cactus to improve service in Adero Canyon.

The proposed 40-foot faux saguaro is planned to sit at the top of a hill entering Adero Canyon, reported the Fountain Hills Times. The narrow site makes the 40-foot setback zone impossible to meet. 

However, much of the zone is right-of-way, so should the faux saguaro fall, it will not hit adjoining property. Initially, the council approved a faux cell tower designed as an “old west” water tank for the same location. The water tank would have been similar in height but more intrusive to the desert environment reported the Times.

Staff requests that before a permit is approved, the following items should be met: providing an inventory of existing and proposed facilities within one mile of the site; a revised location and placement plan to meet setback requirements; a landscape plan showing how the saguaro will blend into the desert environment; a final design of the saguaro. Comments? Email Us.

April 29, 2019         

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