A Super Big Job Using DAS Systems to Cover Super Bowl LIV


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According to figures reported by Extreme Networks, Super Bowl LIV in Miami posted their highest ever single-day WiFi rankings with a mark of 26.42 terabytes of data used at the big event.

“What’s most interesting about the number is that it was generated in a venue that had approximately 8,000 fewer fans in attendance than last year’s Super Bowl,” said Mobile Sports Report (MSR) Editor-in-Chief Paul Kapustka, noting there were 70,081 in Atlanta for Super Bowl 53 vs. 62,417 for Super Bowl 54. 

“So not surprisingly the fans who connected to the WiFi network at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium (which uses Extreme gear) also set a new record for average data consumed per connected user, at 595.6 megabytes per user — a big jump from last year’s average data per user total of 492.3 MB,” Kapustka said.

MSR’s follow-up to the Super Bowl reported 44,358 unique devices connected to the network, setting a new mark for Super Bowl take rate at 71 percent. It listed the top overall take rate mark occuring at Ohio Stadium with 71 percent of the fans connected using 25.6 TB of WiFi (vs Michigan State). “It’s worth noting that the average data per user mark from the Ohio State game was 341.6 MB,” Kapustka said. “Going forward, we think this statistic is even more important than the overall data-used or total tonnage mark, since it more accurately reflects how the network is performing for fans.” 

MSR also noted:

  • The peak concurrent user number of 24,837 devices was seen during pre-game activities
  • The peak network throughput of 10.4 Gbps also occurred before the game started
  • Of the final data total, 11.1 TB was used before the game started
  • The balance of 15.32 TB was used after kickoff

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