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UPDATE Residents of North End, RI, have ended the indecision that bogged them down last month, weighing in favor of a new cell tower, reports the Jamestown Press. At the recent council meeting, North End citizens expressed their support for a new tower, both in person and by letter. 

Last month’s meeting generated discussion but little action as the council delayed a decision.

A chief reason for the delay was cited as an inability to gauge the overall public opinion regarding the construction of a new tower. The impact of a letter received a month later from a 97-member resident’s association provided local officials with all the reinforcement they needed to go forward with the project.  

“Do not isolate a significant portion of the island’s population from a much-needed cell signal boost,” wrote John Conroy, resident and former volunteer fireman, “and the peace of mind knowing their call will be reliably connected in a potentially life-saving event.” Resident Joan Jordan agreed, stating, “We have to walk to different parts of our house, or go outside, to improve signal. There is no reliable place to go to retain a signal except downtown or off the island. A cell tower at the North End is a must.” 

The next issue for the island residents will be which cell tower option is a better fit. The Cedar Lane option would place a 150-foot tower 100 feet above sea level that would extend the signal to those on the northern end of the island. The North Pond option would have a taller tower, 175-feet, but at a lower elevation, 70 feet above sea level.  

October 15, 2019

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