Acadian Ambulance Connected to Hospitals With FirstNet


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Acadian Ambulance is a new FirstNet subscriber, and the first in this category. Acadian is connecting its medics and ambulances to the nationwide broadband mobile public safety communications network so that EMS can send data, photos and live video while en route to hospitals across Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi.

Ryan Fields-Spack is Director of Public Safety Strategies for FirstNet. He’s also a paramedic. “With FirstNet, we can provide specific, live video of a vehicle accident on the scene,” showing doctors at the hospital whether the vehicle rolled over or whether a victim has hit their head on the windshield,” he told Inside Towers in an interview from the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials show in Las Vegas this week.  

“If someone’s in cardiac arrest, we can send data to the cardiologist,” on the way to the hospital, he said. “We’re talking about saving minutes, to vastly improve treatment,” said Fields-Spack.  

He cited another innovation using telemedicine in Aurora, CO in which the University of Colorado Hospital has a “stroke ambulance,” which it calls a mobile stroke treatment unit. It contains a portable CAT scanner to determine stroke severity. First responders use a “telestroke” monitor to conference with a doctor who can give the go ahead to administer life-saving drugs.   

“They need a direct, high-speed data pipe” to provide that connectivity. “For these new medical options, FirstNet will be an incredible driver in making sure they stay connected,” said Fields-Spack.

August 9, 2018       

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