Bill Glass Head ShotAccruent is an industry leader in a world of ever-changing technology. With a focus on the telecommunications industry, Accruent’s Siterra software is the industry standard for managing network sites and projects—from new site builds and technology upgrades to day-to-day operations.

Siterra helps address tower companies’, service providers’ and mobile network operators’ needs, linking employees from different organizations in the industry and aiding in collaborative efforts. Accruent’s purpose-built infrastructure lifecycle management software solution helps organizations manage projects, assets, sites and leases associated with their network and helps them respond effectively to customer demands and establish themselves as technology leaders. Continue reading

Bill Glass, Accruent’s General Manager of Telecom, said that Siterra works with customers including large MNOs and tower companies in the U.S., Latin America, and Europe.

“This software helps manage every step of the site lifecycle, from site acquisition to co-location and operations, all the way through to whatever exit strategy a company may have.” Glass said. “We also help with lease administration for network operators and tower companies, so they’re able to manage contract clauses and lease payment accuracy and timeliness.”

With an associated network investment of more than $40 billion managed, Siterra includes more than 100,000 users.

“We are able to manage over two million projects globally; we handle over a million sites; and we have helped manage over 600,000 leases, over eight million assets and 100 million documents currently today in Siterra,” Glass said.

Glass said that it is important to stress that because Siterra is a SaaS solution, the company is able to continuously release new features, new functionality and to make improvements without any disruptions to customers’ workflow. Additionally, they just participated in TowerXchange’s Meetup Americas in mid-June and plan on being at Meetup Africa & ME and Meetup Asia, later this year, furthering their international focus.

By Alyssa Stahr

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