Activists Looking to Raise $50k for Anti-Broadband Efforts in D.C.


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Efforts in Washington, D.C. to curb oversight of small cell tower installations has triggered the ire of anti-wireless activists, according to the  The lobbyist group is called,Broadband – Our Town, Our Choice.”

Citing the recently passed FCC small cells order, which, according to the group “unfortunately was passed on September 26,” and related dockets 17-79 and 17-84, they hope to raise $50,000 to fund “a professional lobbying effort, based in Washington.” Their goal is to protect local authority over wireless decisions and “preempt local authority over the siting of so-called ‘small cell’ wireless telecommunications facilities in residential areas.”  Specifically, they hope to get federal legislators to repeal FCC WT-Docket 17-79 via a Congressional Review Act and to “significantly amend” S.3157, the Streamline Small Cell Deployment Act of 2018. 

Their webpage pledges to “oppose federal legislation and FCC regulations that would allow the Telecom companies to deploy powerful, Close Proximity Microwave Radiation Antennas (CPMRAs) and additional equipment (up to 28 cubic feet, per FCC WT-Docket 17-79 and U.S. Senate bill S.3157) on or next to utility poles and light poles that are 10 to 25 feet from homes.” The legislation and regulations “would allow this to happen nearly everywhere, even if your town does not want this invasion,” states the group, which is planning a 12-month lobbying effort. It says it has completed 20 meetings at the U.S. Senate and House Office Buildings so far. Comments? Email us.

November 6, 2018