Advertising Meets Wireless Infrastructure with Dallas Rapid Transit System


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Landmark Infrastructure Partners announced recently it entered into an agreement with Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) to develop a smart media and communications platform that will include the deployment of content-rich kiosks and Landmark’s FlexGrid™ Ecosystem solution on strategic high-traffic DART locations. Ericsson will deploy the FlexGrid™ system across North America.

The focus of the project is to build out a digital ecosystem with Landmark’s operating partner, Smart City Media (SCM), who will operate the infrastructure.  The digital platform will provide local content, real-time information and connectivity that enhances the overall experience for DART customers through the use of outdoor kiosks.  Additionally, the kiosks will provide digital advertising, public WiFi, emergency notification and cameras for safety and security, among other features. The project is anticipated to deploy more than 300 digital kiosks across DART’s service area of Dallas and 12 surrounding cities.  

The DART project will provide smart-enabled infrastructure and feature neutral-host co-location solutions, LED smart lighting and fiber-ready backhaul. The deployment will be used primarily for operator macro, mini-macro and small cell co-location and will support 4G/5G deployments, including IoT applications and industrial and smart city connectivity opportunities.

“This DART deployment is a quantum leap forward that empowers a fully connected, mobile transit customer,” said Smart City Media CEO Tom Touchet. “All 13 unique cities, the roots of the Dallas area, will be supercharged with high speed connectivity and interactive touch points built to enable discovery.”

November 2, 2018