Ag Commission “Sunsets” Tower On the “Horizon”


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The El Dorado County (California) Agricultural Commission sent a tower proposal by Horizon Tower back to the drawing board after a lengthy hearing, reported the Mountain Democrat.

Up for consideration was a 125-foot high, multi-tenant monopine to be located on a 52-acre wooded parcel. Renee Hargrove, executive director at El Dorado County Farm Bureau, said the tower might affect agricultural production of wine and fruit through RF and asked the commission to deny the project.

Horizon Tower representative John Merritt said there was a need for the tower, adding it would solve the existing coverage gap and capacity issues in the area. Merritt said Verizon and possibly AT&T will locate on the tower. In response to questions about other possible sites for the tower, Merritt noted that the company considered alternative locations but ran into issues with a lack of road access and tree density in spots that would interfere with signals, reported the Democrat.

Merritt also noted that the tower would be “virtually invisible,” as it will be sited among other trees. He insisted it would not affect the agricultural value of the land and regarding concerns over radio emissions, said the company must meet FCC standards.  Dick Bush, the owner of the proposed site said no trees would be removed to build the tower and the rent from the tower would help provide maintenance revenue for the forest which, he said, “has a cost to it.”

Ultimately, commissioners sided with those opposed to the tower, voting unanimously to continue the item and asked the applicant to return with a different location for the proposed facility, reported the Democrat.  Comments? Email Us.

April 2, 2019

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