All Purcellville Wants From Santa Is An RFP Response


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The Town of Purcellville (VA) put out an RFP for tower proposals but didn’t receive any responses, according to Town Manager David Mekarski. A “number of individuals” who were intending to submit an RFP – but did not do so – are scheduled to talk with town staff about the concept over the next few days, reported the Loudon Times-Mirror.

“We are asking prospective companies to say why they didn’t respond. We are learning that more responses may have come in if we took the initial step of asking for a proof of concept or RFP with an open-ended response, then we can see how the industry responds,” Mekarski said. 

The Town Council has been discussing additional coverage since 2017, and residents agree that the dead spot in town is a safety issue. In January 2019, Councilman Nedim Ogelman proposed building a tower at the wastewater treatment plant to improve service and use the revenue generated to pay off debt on the town’s wastewater treatment plant.

The proposed tower could be 125 to 175 feet tall, and the town prefers not to fund, own, or maintain the tower, per the Times-Mirror. Mekarski said he believes there is a strong interest from carriers, but revenue projections may have been “too ambitious.” “We will see if the individuals can respond with a concept that is best for them,” he said.

December 9, 2019

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