Almost Five Percent of Cell Sites Out in South Carolina Thursday


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Hundreds of thousands were fleeing as Hurricane Dorian advanced on the Carolinas Thursday. Almost 250,000 homes and businesses across South Carolina were already without power at mid-day. The National Hurricane Center predicted the center of the storm to move near or over the coast of North Carolina overnight and Friday.

Verizon was expanding its unlimited calls/text/data for businesses and consumers in more coastal counties in North Carolina. 

AT&T is automatically issuing credits and waiving additional service charges for AT&T wireless customers with billing addresses and AT&T Prepaid customers with phone numbers in directly impacted zip codes in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. AT&T is also providing unlimited talk, text and data access for its wireless and prepaid customers in areas directly affected by Hurricane Dorian in those states. The offer is for customers based in 607 specific zip codes and runs through September 8. For wireless and prepaid customers impacted by Dorian in Virginia, AT&T is providing unlimited talk, text and data access for customers based in 312 specific zip codes and runs from September 5, 2019 through September 11. 

Overall, there are 1.1 percent of the cell sites (out of a total 9,714) out of service in the affected areas, according to the FCC’s Disaster Information Reporting System (DIRS). DIRS is now activated for 38 counties in North Carolina, 26 counties in South Carolina, 33 counties in Georgia and 34 in Florida.

4.7 percent of 3,644 cell sites in South Carolina were reported to be out of service on Thursday. 75 sites had no power and 16 were not working due to transportation issues in Charleston County.  

0.3 percent of 1,651 cell sites in Georgia were not operational. Of the 354 cell sites In Chatham County, 4 had no power and one was damaged.

There are 0.1 percent of cell sites (out of a total of 2, 415) out of service in North Carolina. 1 out of 25 sites was reported to be out of service in Dare County in the Outer Banks because of transportation issues. Another one (out of 235 sites) in New Hanover County had no power, according to DIRS.

In Florida, 19 out of 9,714 cell sites remained non-operational; 15 due to transportation issues and 1 had no power. That compares to 15 sites out of service the previous day.

September 6, 2019

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