American Tower Blooms in Flower Mound


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UPDATE  Weeks after the Texas Planning and Zoning Commission said ‘no’ to a request for a tower at a local church, the Flower Mound (TX) Town Council approved a rezoning request to allow for a 120-foot tower proposed by American Tower and Verizon Wireless, reported The Leader.

Jake Hamilton, project manager for Verizon, said there are spots within the Lakeside DFW area where there is no signal, especially when indoors. A coverage map indicates much of the marginal areas will disappear once the tower is operational, while some spots that have received no signal would receive full or marginal coverage. 

“It really provides good, solid coverage throughout the majority of the targeted improvement areas,” Hamilton said.

Council members said this solution has been long awaited. “I think this is a no-brainer to put it in,” said Mayor Steve Dixon. “This area of town is sorely underserved.” With continued planned population growth in the Lakeside Business District, Bebb Francis, the attorney for American Tower, noted, “With this growth comes an incredible need for service.”

When asked about the benefits of small cells versus macro towers, Hamilton said while small cell antennas help in the coverage, macro towers are still preferred because of their larger coverage range and because of battery backup. According to Tommy Dalton, assistant town manager, there have been 29 small cell antenna permits applied for in the town to aid in coverage as well, reported The Leader.

April 4, 2019

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