American Tower Chooses to FlexAnywhere


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Joining forces, American Tower is now involved in the local edge program operated by Flexential, “FlexAnywhere.” FlexAnywhere specializes in co-location service and functions as a remote data center. The partnership pools the abilities of the entities, allowing them to combine hardware deployed close to end users and applications, reports

“By combining our strengths with these partners, we can leverage the FlexAnywhere network to offer our customers the means to drive edge computing even further than it has been – not just to the metro area but also to the street level,” stated Flexential Chief Executive Officer, Chris Downie. 

He added that, “This is an exciting advancement lowering latency to our customers in various industries, including transportation, logistics, finance, gaming and healthcare, supporting a variety of IoT, video, AI, and other real-time dynamic applications. Local Edge will push to use 5G and AI in a more meaningful way for traffic controls, autonomous vehicles, infrastructure monitoring and more.” 

The fabric employed by FlexAnywhere includes a scalable 100 Gbps backbone. The system can connect to Flexential’s national data centers, IP networking functions, and can connect to public clouds like AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google. The Local Edge press release notes that the data center will place hardware and software close to the application, and will rely on designs and maintenance managed by the connected Edge data centers.

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