American Tower Goes to the Edge With a Tennessee County


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Colo Atl, a subsidiary of American Tower, said that Rural Solutions, LLC, dba Progressive Broadband, has entered into an agreement for secured co-location space and interconnection with Colo Atl at the data center located at 55 Marietta Street in Atlanta. Rural Solutions also inked a tower co-location agreement with American Tower at a site near Rural Solutions’ offices in Cumberland County, TN. Colo Atl’s premium data center and interconnection services allow Rural Solutions to cross connect, with no monthly recurring fees, between tenants within the Meet-Me-Area.

Rural Solutions was founded in 2019 to serve rural residents and businesses throughout Tennessee’s Cumberland County, where connectivity options are scarce, and provide modern, reliable internet connectivity.

 “We are gaining ground quickly in our venture to improve internet connectivity in Cumberland County,” explains Rural Solutions President David Williams. “Starting with a fixed wireless and hybrid fiber deployment approach, we are excited to partner with both Colo Atl and American Tower, as they help us to attain optimal connectivity solutions and enable more widespread internet access in this area.”

Williams credited American Tower as being supportive. “When we first began exploring fixed wireless, we contacted American Tower, and its team has been extraordinarily helpful and patient throughout the process of our leasing of the tower space. As we entered negotiations for the space, American Tower introduced us to Colo Atl, a carrier-neutral co-location and data center facility that offers us premium space to interconnect with carriers, network providers, and customers. With this combined fixed wireless and fiber transport solution, we are able to attain our goals and even scale beyond internet access as we grow,” said Williams.

 “Together, Colo Atl and American Tower bring to the market a unique offering for both our tenants and prospective customers,” comments Colo Atl GM John Ghirardelli. “More and more of them are eager to learn about the synergy between Colo Atl and American Tower and the optimal connectivity solutions the companies can jointly offer. We are excited to help ensure Rural Solutions meets their goal of expanding internet access to residents and businesses across Cumberland County with this combined wireless connectivity solution.”

Williams concludes: “In addition to offering this trustworthy, turnkey solution for our business, American Tower and Colo Atl quickly became trusted partners of ours, who we can call at any time for guidance and assistance. It’s a great partnership indeed, and we are expanding quickly.”

Throughout 2020 and beyond, Rural Solutions plans to expand with American Tower and Colo Atl and co-locate on additional towers, with circuits from the towers directed back to Colo Atl. 

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