Anti-5G City Workshop Features Naturopathic “Doctor”


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On Monday, residents of Encinitas, CA who oppose the city’s wireless antenna ordinance turned out for a workshop and told officials “to trash it and start over,” reported the Encinitas Advocate. Residents suggested adopting strict 5G regulations created by other California cities.

Naturopathic doctor* Deborah Sie listed more than two dozen health concerns related to electromagnetic field exposure ranging from seizures and cancer to insomnia.

“All living things will be affected,” she said, mentioning concerns about bees and migrating birds.

“I don’t want 5G anywhere in the city,” Encinitas resident Lindsy Richards said. She told city officials that if other cities like Palo Alto are opposing the installation of small cell antennas in residential areas, “this raises a big red flag for me and it should for you too.”

In August, Encinitas adopted a new ordinance declaring that small cell antenna installation requires a city permit and installers must follow city regulations, per the Advocate. During Monday’s meeting, 150 opponents protested and three dozen people, including scientists, real estate agents, retired teachers, mothers, and even a middle school student, voiced their concerns over health effects, reduced property values, and more. 

According to city planner Roy Sapa’u, Encinitas needed, “to have something on the books” right away, which was the catalyst for adopting the urgency ordinance last month. Council members expect to revisit the issue at an October 30 meeting, planning to use the feedback collected during this week’s meeting to assist in the revision process, Sapa’u said.

(ED: Naturopathic doctors are only licensed in 17 states and receive their degree from a naturopathic medical school. Here is a list of accredited Naturopathic medical schools.)

September 26, 2019

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