Appleton, WI, Tower Decision Back to Plan Commission


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Verizon’s 85-foot tower proposal at the 2700 block of Kesting Court in Appleton, WI, would be surrounded by homes, and residents are concerned. The town’s planning commission has approved the tower, sending it to the common council, however at the Wednesday, May 18, meeting, the common council reverted the issue back to the plan council.

Alderman Chris Croatt asked at the meeting that the planning commission’s next meeting should focus on new questions and additional discussion. He said that referring the proposal back to the committee “could be delaying the inevitable,” according to the Post-Crescent, because a delay “could invite litigation from the property owner and the telecommunications company.”

More than 30 residents were at the meeting to oppose the tower, with 34 signing a petition asking for an alternate location. Many were concerned about a possible tower fall, the height and aesthetics.

The Post-Crescent reported that “state statutes adopted in the 2013 budget bill restrict how local municipalities can deny cell tower permits—including tower height and aesthetic reasons. Exceptions to the law are public health or safety concerns that must be backed up with ‘substantial written evidence.’”

The plan commission will meet June 6.

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