AT&T and Community Work Together To Expedite Tower Build


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On Friday, AT&T unveiled a long-awaited tower to bring the latest 4G technology to Rancho Tehama, reported the Red Bluff Daily News. According to AT&T External Affairs Area Director Alice Perez, the project was a community effort.

 In 2017, a shooting incident occurred throughout the community, leaving six people dead, ten injured and sprayed a school with bullets. 

The event brought more than 100 first responders to the area, which highlighted the gap in emergency communications coverage, according to the Daily News. 

“The lack of towers in the community has been an issue,” said Police Chief Jeremiah Fears, one of the first responders to the shooting in 2017. “It’s a necessity to help make residents safer and to help first responders arrive faster.”  

“I was literally right down the road from here the day of the shooting, and I couldn’t get a cell call out,” Fears added. “Now, I can stand right next to the tower and get a call out.”

 AT&T expedited the tower build with the help of the community, reported the Daily News. This project, which will co-locate several carriers, was done in just over one year; typically, a tower takes two to three years to construct. The partnership between 51 Wireless, AT&T, and the homeowners association brought the project to fruition. 

According to Sen. Jim Nielsen, “Everyone out here will sleep more peacefully knowing you can get help, and law enforcement will be able to respond better. Thank you for all you’ve done to make this a reality. It will make a lot of lives better.”

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