AT&T Comes To Terms (Maybe) With 42,000 Workers


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attA month after a prior agreement was rejected, AT&T and union representatives representing 42,000 workers say they have a tentative deal.
The deal “accomplished our main goal, which was to put health care benefits bargaining back in the regional bargaining agreement process and to make health care affordable for all Mobility workers,” Dennis Trainor, a vice president for the Communications Workers of America, said in a statement published in Fortune.
The last major strike at AT&T was in 2012 when 21,000 workers in California, Connecticut, and Nevada walked out for two days. Since then, AT&T has had a peaceful coexistence with the union coming to agreements with 9,400 wireless employees in the southwest region and 24,000 workers on the ‘old telephone side’ in December.
Union representatives received lower health care premiums for employees hired after 2014, lower premiums for employees who cover their children but not their spouse and life insurance and tuition assistance.
AT&T would not comment “out of respect for union membership” until it has been presented for the ratification vote, according to Fortune.