AT&T Finds Buyer for Several 600 MHz Licenses


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AT&T intends to sell many of the 600 MHz-band licenses it purchased in the television incentive auction. AT&T spent nearly $1 billion to buy 23 licenses, Inside Towers reported. The transaction would occur as the carrier is preparing to build towers, and add antennas and radios to existing towers to support the FirstNet buildout on its 700 MHz band spectrum.

Now, the carrier filed an application with the FCC to sell 16 of the licenses to LB License Co., a partner at private equity group Columbia Capital. The filing names Monish Kundra as the main contact for the buyer. Prior to joining Columbia Capital, Kundra was a senior executive for Lightsquared, reported Network Builder Reports.

The licenses cover 11 markets: Dallas, Atlanta, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Tampa, Columbus, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Seattle, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, MD-Washington, D.C. After the sale, AT&T would retain the 600 MHz licenses in seven major markets.

In a description of the public interest benefits of the proposed transaction, LB License Co., says it’s led by “a management team with extensive wireless operations expertise backed by sophisticated or institutional investors with deep experience in the telecommunications sector.” For example, Columbia Capital and Telcom Ventures have more than $4 billion in combined capital under management and have been active investors in the wireless, satellite, and media industries, the firm tells the FCC. Columbia Capital and Telcom Ventures were lead investors in MetroPCS Communications, XM Satellite Radio Holdings, and other mobile services businesses.  

January 9, 2018                     

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