AT&T Teams Up With Agency to Assess Extreme Weather Events


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AT&T believes in planning ahead and is gathering information about how changes in extreme weather can influence our communications, according to a press release from Argonne National Laboratory. Argonne and AT&T are combining resources to forecast the likely outcome of climate and weather fluctuations. “Extreme weather and climate-related events disrupt businesses, public services and communities,” stated AT&T Operations President Scott Mair.

Argonne’s Chief Scientist of Atmospheric Science and Climate, Dr. Rao Kotamarthi, explained, “Global climate change does not affect all regions or communities in the same way. At Argonne National Laboratory, we are using high-resolution models and vast statistical techniques to project climate change at regional, local, and even neighborhood scales.” He added that for its part, “AT&T applied this detailed information to AT&T’s infrastructure planning so it can safeguard networks and help ensure resiliency as the climate changes around it.”  

Within the United States, AT&T has been using the data gathered to help make predictions in the storm plagued southeastern states. Information from that region is being filtered through AT&T’s Climate Change Analysis Tool.

“Together with Argonne National Laboratory, we’re using industry-leading science and technology to assess the risks of a changing climate to our business so we can make data-driven decisions to better serve our customers and improve our corporate resilience,” added Mair.

June 6, 2019

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