AT&T Transparency Report: January–June 2019


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AT&T, like all companies, is required by law to provide information to government and law enforcement entities, as well as parties to civil lawsuits, by complying with court orders, subpoenas, lawful discovery requests and other legal requirements. The latest AT&T Transparency Report provides (1) specific data regarding the number and types of legal demands to which the carrier responded for the first half of 2019 that compelled the company to provide information about (a) communications or (b) customers, as well as (2) information permitted by law to be disclosed about Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act demands for the second half of 2018. 

The Transparency Report also provides information about legal demands that were partially or completely rejected, demands for location information, emergency requests and international legal demands. In the report, AT&T includes all of its operating units:

  • National Security Demands National Security Letters Jan.–June 2019 

Total Received 500–999 

Customer Selectors Targeted 2,500–2,999

  • Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act July–Dec. 2018 

Total Content 0–499 

Customer Selectors Targeted 8,500–8,999 

Total Non-Content 0–499 

Customer Selectors Targeted 0–499

  • Total U.S. Criminal & Civil Demands 

          Total Demands 133,695

          Subpoenas 104,374 

          Criminal 92,944 

          Civil 11,430

          Court Orders (General) 9,827 

          Historic 6,698 

          Real-Time (Pen registers) 3,129

  • Search Warrants/Probable Cause Court Orders

          Historic 12,516

          Stored Content 4,687

          Other 7,829

          Real-Time 6,978

          Wiretaps 1,309

          Mobile Locate Demands 5,669

  • Demands Rejected/Partial or No Data Provided

          Total 66,157 

          Rejected/Challenged 4,167 

         Partial or No Information 61,990

  • Location Demands (Breakout detail of data included in Total U.S. Criminal & Civil Demands)

Total 47,110 

          Historic 37,144 

         Real-Time 8,469 

         Cell Tower 1,497

  • Emergency Requests

          Total 61,636 

          911-  50,754 

          Exigent 10,882


August 29, 2019   

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