AT&T Wins Contract to Bring the Army Into Modern Times

AT&T won a contract with the U.S. Army to unify and modernize communications capabilities for nearly 1 million users globally.

“We’re bringing the Army a new way to think about connectivity,” said Kay Kapoor, President, AT&T Global Public Sector.  “Our services will make it easier for Army personnel to connect, collaborate and share information in support of daily operations globally. They include voice, video, chat, instant messaging, presence and screen sharing.  Army mechanics overseas can share screens with experts at a home station to speed repairs. Commanders and their staffs can use live video links to collaborate across different locations or direct troop operations abroad,” Kapoor said.

Army personnel in the U.S. and abroad will have access to these services on demand from their desktops, laptops, and approved mobile devices and will not need to buy new equipment, according to Kapoor. “The services are cloud-based and we will manage them. We are delivering them in classified and highly secure unclassified formats.”

“We’re honored to deliver capabilities that complement our vision of a ‘Network of the Future’ for the Army,” she said. “These services will help the heroes that defend our nation to connect, share and keep us safe.”

The U.S. Army’s modernization efforts align with Department of Defense strategies to maintain the military’s technological advantage by using commercial cloud services.

October 11, 2017


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