AT&T Wireless Workers Approve Contract


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AT&T wireless workers approved what participants say is a precedent-setting contract that rolls back offshoring and outsourcing last Friday and, according to the Communications Workers of America (CWA) press release, “sets a new standard for wireless retail and call center jobs in America.” The contract covers over 21,000 workers in 36 states. CWA members approved the four-year contract by an overwhelming majority; it remains in effect until February 12, 2021.
Highlights from the new agreement include:

  • A guaranteed 80 percent increase in the portion of customer service calls handled exclusively by wireless workers who are CWA members;
  • First-ever job security language that guarantees a job for workers whose store or call center is closed or whose job title is eliminated;
  • $2,500 shifted from commission to base pay for 14,000 retail workers, making pay more stable;
  • Greater ability to use sick days without risk of discipline;
  • Limits on the types of monitoring and surveillance of retail and call center workers so that evaluation is fair and equitable;
  • Flat health insurance cost-sharing to ensure workers and their families do not pay more out of their own pockets;
  • Safety equipment for warehouse workers; and
  • Increase in on-call pay for technicians.

January 16, 2018