Auckland Residents Spend $30K on “Radiation-Blocking” Wall


Auckland resident Marta Fisch recently spent $30,000 to erect a wall to protect her family from cell tower radiation, reported New Zealand’s 1 News Now.

“It is an ugly wall. And it’s an expensive wall, $30,000 of wall which I didn’t need. I needed it like a hole in the head, right? But I now have to protect my house from radiation,” said Fisch.

According to Fisch, the wall works to reduce radiation created by a nearby tower, which she tests with an electro smog meter, used to measure electromagnetic frequencies. She claims the wall keeps radiation out.

However, the Ministry of Health disagrees with her claims that the cell towers pose a health risk. “Cell sites are designed to send the signals away from the site, not to the direct area. Scientific research does not show that such low exposures can affect an individual’s health.”

Now, a second tower is being proposed near her property, ushering in both 5G and 6G, and Fisch believes that with more data, comes more radiation and cancer risks. And Fisch is “pissed off!”

A self-proclaimed hippie, Fisch isn’t taking any chances and says she will continue to fight, as there isn’t enough information on the effects of cell tower emissions. “Do I fight for justice for only myself? No, for everyone…” she said.

March 9, 2018        

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