Aurora Insight Launches TowerLogix to Identify High-Priority Tower Build Zones


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Aurora Insight, today is announcing the launch of TowerLogix, which identifies and ranks the top locations for new tower builds across the United States. With demand for wireless spectrum on the rise for 5G and other wireless services, and prime real estate disappearing, TowerLogix helps infrastructure companies and tower owners identify and secure High-Priority Tower Build Zones that help the company maximize ROI and compete more effectively. 

Aurora Insight Co-founder and CEO, Jennifer Alvarez, told Inside Towers, they had observed a huge gap in industry knowledge in how to deploy capital more effectively and efficiently. Alvarez said with the use of their detailed coverage maps and spectrum profiles, the new service will allow towercos, MNOs, fiber and real estate companies to invest and grow with confidence. She said her team of four data scientists can provide clients with “independent and unbiased data, and deep analysis on RF spectrum usage and wireless networks, including information from global geographies that are otherwise difficult to reach or difficult to find data about.”  

“TowerLogix is the industry’s most advanced method for infrastructure companies to use when evaluating growth opportunities and infrastructure investments,” Alvarez said, “The power behind identifying High-Priority Tower Build Zones is the depth of our data, culled from seven different metrics to identify these locations and help tower and infrastructure companies invest with confidence.”

Aurora Insight released the location of its first High-Priority Tower Build Zone in Philadelphia, 10 miles north of the city center, however, Alvarez said they have identified thousands of locations across the country that meet or surpass the standard to qualify as a High-Priority Tower Build Zone. The company’s autonomous sensors, she said, are continuously collecting data around the country, giving it access to valuable insights on different wireless technologies, including 5G, IoT, WiFi, and emerging frequency bands such as C-band, CBRS and mmWave.

The High-Priority Tower Build Zones are determined through a combination of machine learning metrics include: 

  • Quality: indications of the signal quality
  • Coverage: measurements of signal power that translates to coverage availability 
  • Interference: calculations of interference, including signal versus noise ratio 
  • User Experience: throughputs in downlink assessing user experience 
  • Traffic: data layer that adds the real user traffic demands
  • Real Estate: data layer assessing the cost and feasibility/go-to-market of real estate 
  • Fiber: data layer that informs of the proximity to fiber for backhaul connectivity 

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