Aveopt ‘Keeps it Real’…and Real Easy…When Locating a Tower Site


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When you consider the backgrounds of Aveopt’s founders, you realize that there is a natural affinity for solving problems utilizing tools beyond currently available solutions.  As men who grew up in the decade that saw a man land on the moon, Wayne Baer and Art Kahn don’t understand the phrase “can’t be done.” Same goes for ex-Marine Tim Nash and millennial Nick Clayton. “So when Aveopt seeks a solution to a problem or challenge,” COO Art Kahn said, “the process always begins with one of two phrases; ‘what if’ or ‘imagine if.’”

So ‘what if’ finding an optimum tower site was as easy as pointing Aveopt’s TerraPosition Pro™, their new line-of-site tool, in the right direction?

The system was developed in response to the escalating industry wide planning and construction costs associated with the growth and densification of the wireless infrastructure market as it moves from 3G to 5G networks. It works by integrating  Virtual/Augmented Reality, Sensor, and Autonomous/Robotic Vehicle technologies; all considered to be disruptive and capable of driving solutions not previously thought possible. 

By using an integrated technology platform, these individual technologies acquire, synthesize/analyze, and disseminate/distribute various sources of data. The result provides the information required to make informed and “intelligent” quantitative and qualitative decisions relative to the selection of the optimal tower site location as well as secondary locations.

TerraPosition Pro™ is Redefining Reality™ as to how the Telecommunication Wireless Infrastructure industry can now perform site assessments. TerraPosition Pro™ reduces direct labor and material costs by as much as 90 percent while significantly mitigating indirect costs associated with safety and liability. Because TerraPosition Pro™ can compress a schedule by as much as a factor of 10, “Time to Revenue” is also significantly accelerated for the asset owner. Finally, TerraPosition Pro™ is interchangeable with mounting options for a UAV, ground autonomous vehicle, or fixed platform such as a boom, cherry picker, or tripod, thus enabling it to be utilized for Macro, DAS, Small Cell and Rooftop infrastructure.  Enabling these analytics is Aveopt’s Geospatial Analytic Modeling Engine™ (“GAME”).  

Aveopt Inc. is located at 330 E.Liberty in Ann Arbor MI. To contact: 313-405-4277

June 7, 2017       

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