Avon Tower Proposal Riles Residents


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UPDATE Last month, Inside Towers reported on a proposed cell tower in Avon, CT that has divided the community into two heated factions. According to WVIT-TV, at least 100 people attended a virtual meeting earlier this week to air their views.

Firmly behind the tower upgrade plans are rescue personnel and law enforcement. Without the upgrade, they say, their outdated communications equipment makes it impossible for some local residents to summon help. The old equipment also cannot guarantee that rescue personnel can contact each other.  

To combat the aging telecommunications equipment, the town already approved a $4 million referendum to replace analog equipment that has been in place since 2004. When the 100-foot tower at that location was built, it was an unoccupied rural site. However, in the intervening years, a neighborhood has grown up around the tower. Residents have no issue with the existing tower, which blends in with the treeline. However, many of them are upset by the tower upgrade plans, which include raising the height to a far more visible 146 feet. 

Attorney Andrew Campanelli attended the virtual meeting at the behest of the homeowners group that hired him. “In the past 10 years, this is probably the most problematic proposal I’ve seen. It’s rife for a dozen challenges,” he noted.

“This amendment will destroy the natural beauty of Avon, create a significant adverse aesthetic, and significantly negatively impact property values in our community,” resident Joseph Zarb told WVIT-TV.

Supporters of the project pointed out that public safety was the paramount concern. This contingent urged Avon officials to settle the matter quickly so that lives are not imperiled while some residents fret about a possible dip in their property values. No final decision has been reached as the town vowed to continue its review. 

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