Beach Town Enacts Ordinance to Challenge Florida Infrastructure Act


More areas are preparing for 5G and the onset of IoT, which means more infrastructure for areas like Flagler Beach, FL. Since the state Advanced Wireless Infrastructure Deployment Act went into effect in July, it essentially allows antennas to be attached to public utility poles in rights-of-way, limiting the city’s control over placement.

According to, the Flagler Beach City Commission recently approved an ordinance that will give city officials some say over how and where the new 5G infrastructure will be placed.

Even with the ordinance in place, there are still limitations. For instance, city officials cannot deny an applicant from installing an antenna; however, they can weigh in on design standards, registration and adopting fees. Below are the requirements outlined in the ordinance: 

  • Mandates a permit for the installation of antennas and conditions under which waivers must be sought. The antennas may not be placed within eight feet of the curb or on arms that support traffic signals.
  • Wireless facilities must be at least 20 feet from energized electrical distribution lines and must not block the view of any sign. The wireless facilities must be concealed to protect the city’s aesthetic qualities.
  • Antennas may not extend more than 10 feet above the pole upon which it is mounted, and they may not be placed on poles shorter than 15 feet.

For those concerned over the size of the antennas, City Commissioner Joy McGrew commented “most of the antennas would be about the size of a shoebox.” Others are concerned with the number of antennas that might be installed on existing light fixtures with the onslaught of 5G.

October 6, 2017                 

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