Bidders Line Up for CBRS Auction


The FCC received nearly 350 applications for the upcoming Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) auction. Auction 105 is slated to begin July 23. The agency will offer bidders Priority Access Licenses (PAL) in the 3550-3650 band.

The Commission received 340 short-form bidding applications. Of those, 106 are complete and 242 are not. Those with complete applications will become qualified bidders once the agency receives their upfront payments by June 19.  

Those on the complete list include big telecom names like AT&T, United States Cellular, T-Mobile and Verizon. Cablecos Cox and Charter plan to bid. So too, does Dish under the Wetterhorn Wireless name. 

Mid-tier telecoms like Carolina West Wireless and Cincinnati Bell are on the list as well as are electric co-ops like the Benton Rural Electric Association and the Illinois Electric Cooperative. Several businesses and schools plan to bid, including: Deere & Company, Duke University and Health System, and the University of Kentucky.

The Commission will email a letter to those with incomplete applications identifying the deficiencies. Those entities must correct their applications, resubmit them, and make their upfront payments by 6 p.m. Eastern on the deadline, according to a notice.  

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