Big Tussle to Get Tower Approval


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At a May 14 Vernon County Zoning and Sanitation Committee meeting, a few dozen citizens voiced their input on the four cell tower siting requests made by Bug Tussel Wireless on behalf of AT&T, reported the Crawford County Independent.

Chris Henshue of Bug Tussel Wireless noted the company would like to place 17 towers in the rural county, each standing at about 300 feet tall and set seven to eight miles apart. Henshue noted that Bug Tussel builds tall towers for a reason.

“The taller the tower, the less we have to build,” said Henshue.

With topography challenges present in the county, Henshue added that if, “you can see the tower, you can get internet access from it.” 

Another feature of the new towers will be installing commercial mobile phone equipment on day one, giving access to the AT&T network and enabling the carrier to have a 30 percent better network than current area providers after the towers go up. FirstNet access will also be available for emergency personnel, estimated to reach 95 percent of the population in rural areas.

If approved, the build is projected to last for 12-18 months, according to Henshue. The committee has tabled the decision of whether to approve the siting requests to their June 11 meeting, reported the Independent.

May 20, 2019

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