Black & Veatch: Building a World of Difference®


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Black & Veatch is an employee-owned engineering, procurement, consulting and construction company with a 100-year legacy of creating a better world for humanity today, and for generations to come.

As a technology integrator, Black & Veatch designs, builds, and connects communication networks and digital infrastructure to evolve energy, transportation, community, and business capabilities. The telecommunications line of business works with carriers, electric utilities, fleet owners, city leaders, and private enterprises to rewrite business models and operations to create new value streams and gain efficiencies. 

Black &Veatch bridges the gap between lines of business to help drive technology that enables clients to achieve their visions, with both wireless and wireline products.

“Our digital world is fast-evolving, and Black & Veatch is an active participant in the dawn of 5G networks and creating digital electricity via smart grids. Our telecommunications team helps clients pivot in alignment with these new technologies to increase stability in these disruptive times,” said Dave Simmons, Group Director of Information Technology.

Simmons has been a Black & Veatch employee for nearly a decade and supports both the telecommunications plus federal services lines of business for everything technology/business related. “Due to Black & Veatch’s scale and breadth of experience, we’re deeply embedded in the telecommunications market and more than prepared for the future that’s rapidly approaching,” added Simmons.

With forward-thinking leadership at the helm, Black & Veatch has been preparing for the future with a data-driven approach to better serve clients and society for many years.

“Since 2013, our organization has been on a ‘digital journey’ focused on a data-driven approach. Our leadership realized many years ago that to be an industry leader in the digital world, there was no way we could do business in a traditional sense – through spreadsheets, paper drawings, and volumes of handoffs,” said Simmons.

“As the industry was ramping up and evolving at the same time, we made a conscious effort to become data-centric. This involved digitizing paper-based processes and drawings and converting a lot of processes and activities that were previously independent or siloed applications to a centralized and consolidated operation,” Simmons added.

Black & Veatch is already implementing machine-learning and augmented analytics to execute projects more effectively while minimizing risk for clients. These advances enable Black & Veatch to pivot quickly from both a business and technology perspective, which gives their clients flexibility, too.

 “Our seasoned professionals have the tools and technologies required to adapt to changing client needs. We’ve seen our clients’ transition from massive macro cell needs to more fiber to now requiring an integrated wireless and wireline approach,” said Simmons. “We’re not spending time, money, capital investment retooling – we’re already there. We have the people, the processes and the technology to enable evolution now,” said Simmons.

Black & Veatch – and its employees – are in tune with the company’s mission: Building a World of Difference. With many employees touting a 40 plus year tenure, the organization is grounded in its core values of integrity, respect, shared ownership, accountability, and a common purpose. Those core values permeate the culture and how the professionals at Black & Veatch interact with and deliver for their clients. With their data-driven approach and digital journey well underway, being able to provide accurate information to clients in a prompt manner enables infrastructure projects to come to fruition faster.

“As an organization, we know we’re not just delivering a widget. The water, power, or telecommunications infrastructure our clients provide is so important to our society that we take it very seriously,” said Simmons.

Since 1915, Black & Veatch has delivered reliable, innovative infrastructure solutions with a commitment to customers. Simmons’ group works with clients across the U.S. plus Canada and Mexico. For more information or to contact a representative, visit and check out Black & Veatch’s Data-Driven Innovation infographic here.

By Keara Piekanski for Inside Towers

June 18, 2019

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